The 3rd Space

The number "3" is an integral piece of this project. For hy•lo, this marks our 3rd year as a company. Our space sits on 3rd Street, a place we call home. If numerology is your thing, the number "3" carries a lot of significance in the creative field, denoting a need to express ideas, feelings and visions from the imagination. This series is our contribution to the corridor we inhabit in Old City, Philadelphia, the conversation taking place among our neighbors (Art in the Age, Indy Hall and N3rd Market), and a broader dialogue with the creative class. 

The events and interviews we conduct through The 3rd Space explore musical creativity through the lens of place. Where do musicians go for inspiration? What about a certain place inspires them? What keeps them coming back?

Whatever the draw, the places we adopt as our homes away from home have staying power. They occupy a space in the mind, and they are also physical spaces we can share with others. When sociologist Ray Oldenburg coined the term "third place," he was referring to the ability of public spaces like coffee shops, bars, and parks to become social anchors in a community. We are moved by the energy we find there. In the digital age, we feel the need to share it, instantly, and we do: through Instagram, a status update, or a text to a friend: "meet me here."


Digital + Physical = The 3rd Space

The 3rd Space brings this conversation home by slowing it down. We publish the conversations we have with musicians in their third places, then host a live performance of the work they've produced, giving listeners a chance to engage with them in real life ("IRL"). 

This hybrid of online storytelling and offline interaction recreates the experience of what it feels like to be with these people in the places that give them inspiration. By fusing an in-person experience with digital media, The 3rd Space bridges the divide — transporting each participant to the intimacy of a shared moment: a sense of place.